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What is Synthetic Natural Gas?

What is Synthetic natural gas (Syngas)? Also known as Substitute natural gas, SYNGAS is a fuel gas - very low carbon - lower sulfur compared to fossil fuel.

The Syngas is usually a product of coal gasification, or from biomass. The origin of the source (coal, biomass, or waste) determines the level of carbon and sulfur.

The Syngas, can also produce diesel, or be converted into for example methane or methanol. Syngas is, in other words, the gas form of what we call the methane or methanol that we find today in the bio-diesel, bio-fuel category.

Production methods include steam reforming natural gas or liquid hydrocarbons to produce hydrogen, the gasification of coal and biomass. In recent years, many types of waste-to-energy gasification facilities have emerged.

At a conference I attended recently, the level of interest and increase in demand of bio-diesel, methane, methanol was clear to see and many shipowners are ordering new fleets based on burning these types of fuel.

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