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The growth of LNG bunker fuel supplies

Everyone is focusing on using cleaner fuel, and the biggest one on the market right now is LNG fuel.

Over the last year in Rotterdam, where 2 LNG barges are stationed, a total of 210,000 cbm (cubic meters) were supplied. This is 10 times more than 2 years ago, and 3 times more when compared to 2018.

The total amount of oil sold in Rotterdam in 2020 was around 7.5 million cbm. There was about 35 times more fuel sold and in simple terms, this relates to approximately 1 out of 35 bunkers that were supplied with LNG fuel.

As for the future, more growth in the sales and supply of LNG bunker fuel is expected. However, as many of our recent blogs have mentioned, using cleaner fuels is only part of the solution towards zero-emission strategies.

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