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Netherlands - Refuelling ships with Hydrogen using a Floating Solar Island

Netherlands is ahead of every green fuel development, and this time they advanced even further by introducing a solar island, powering to produce Hydrogen fuel to supply ships.

A new floating solar island prototype has been developed by SolarDuck; it combines 4 linked platforms consisting of 39 solar panels. Voyex is creating emission-zero hydrogen using the power sourced by the floating solar panels. The hydrogen is bonded to a ‘Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier’ (LOHC), which can then be used to supply ships in the future.

Testing will start in April 2021.

(picture from offshore energy- click on the picture to see an article with more details)

The difference between "Emission reduced, zero and neutral"

I recently got confused with the different terms about emission.

To achieve "Emission zero", you will have to keep a set up like the one outlined above where the production of fuel doesn't produce any emission at all.

The current green energy that can be bought, Ethanol or Methanol, or any biofuel often uses some sort of fossil fuel during production, or transportation. Therefore, it is not entirely "zero-emission." In this case, the terms you will see being used include "reducing emission" or "neutralising emission".

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