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First IBIA Annual Dinner Online

I remember last year when we were in London end of February 2020. Many parties got cancelled, and there were a lot of people who couldn't make it specially from Asia, or from Italy.

Then 15 days later, the entire world went into a lockdown, and I didn't imagine we will still be in it one year later.

The annual dinner is held every year, not really to find new business or partnership, but to just simply say hi to everyone we know. It is nice to see the same old faces getting redder and drunker while the night proceeds.

This year the event took an online form. You can see the participants and arrange meetings or chat with them online. There is a public chat area where people are introducing themselves and joking about buying a round of drinks.

As fun as this is, I am hoping that next year we will be back doing this event "Off-Line"

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