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Will the market go up? Or down?

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

“Will the market go up or down?”

Many customers ask the same question.

My answer is:

“I don’t know, but my guess is as good as yours”

If I knew exactly when the market would go up, and if I could predict the ups and downs, I would be a lot richer. The only advice I can give is that one buyer’s guess is as good as every other buyer’s guess.

Generally speaking, if you are a buyer who feels like buying (meaning other buyers are also on a buy), then the market will continue to rise. If you don’t feel like buying (meaning others aren’t buying, and the market will eventually go down from lower demand) you are right to wait a few days. So with regards to timing and when to buy, I often tell the customer if everyone else is buying, you should also book quickly. If it’s a slow day, it may be better to wait a couple of days to see if you can get a better price.

Here is a good representation of a market reaction to the same event. Below, you will find two opposing articles showing how the vaccination will impact the market price.

This article says it will affect the market price.

And another article discusses how the vaccination won’t affect the market price.

So the answer to the question – will the market go up or down? – seems to be that no one knows! Even specialists have a hard time agreeing….

Happy Monday and Happy Reading!

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